Learn how to limit your liability from third parties.

Risk Transfer Guidance for Agribusiness Third party risk management is an important consideration for agribusiness risk management. Here are some risk transfer techniques from Travelers.travelers.com
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We are excited to announce our new satellite agent located in Brighton, CO! Over the years we have formed a relationship with many customers up in the northern part of the state and everywhere in between. Now that we have an agent closer to the area it will allow us to better serve these customers.
Alana Hill was raised in the Cortez/Durango area, and for the past 10 years has resided in Brighton, Co with her husband, daughter, and son. They have several family members in the San Luis Valley and she will be servicing this area as well.
I have Known Alana since we were toddlers and am very happy to be able to work beside her now!
Alana's direct # is (303)710-6630
Email Alana@garverinsurance.com



    Hi, my name is Misty Garver. I was born and raised in Cortez, Co and now live in Dolores, Co with my husband, 2 daughters, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. I worked for the Cortez School District for 10 years before taking over the agency in 2012. I became an independent agent in 2014 and now have the opportunity to work for my customers instead of the insurance company.


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